Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing – Until Now!

While at one time, there may have been “nothing like the real thing,” that statement is no longer true when it comes to sexual satisfaction thanks to the miracle of virtual reality and the power of your unique Vorze interactive technology. Vorze isn’t just like the real thing, it virtually is the real thing!

This masterful innovation puts a modern spin on the solo stimulator concept and allows you to experience and control all the erotic pleasure that you get by watching beautiful women of your choice starring in fully interactive videos.  The amazing texture, squeeze and suction options of the Vorze A 10 Cyclone SA, along with its seven different speed settings, afford you the opportunity to get fucked and sucked however she wants with true to life haptic cues automatically sent from their video to your Vorze as you enjoy!  With your Vorze, you can get into steamy sex sessions whenever you want, and because it is whisper silent and wireless, wherever you want as well.

Finally, thanks to your Vorze you can get all the benefits of sexual pleasure without the obligations to meet her parents, go to restaurants you don’t care for or suffer through meaningless arguments. We guarantee that your Vorze and the pornstars who power it with their amazing video talents will not start an argument with you about anything even once!

Okay, you say you don’t want to abandon “the real thing.”  You don’t have to… but wouldn’t you like to have the added option to take a break from that reality sometimes to enjoy erotic encounters that are absolutely perfect from the privacy of your own home at a moment’s notice? Yeah… of course you would, and with Vorze, now you can!