The Best Sex Toys Aren’t Just for Women Anymore Thanks To Vorze

Have you ever left your girlfriend after a disagreement, or just a dull night, and wondered if she was going home and getting herself off with one of those new super fancy sex toys she keeps in her night table?

Then you realize that if you wanted to get your rocks off at home, you’d be stuck with you hand, or maybe, at best, you could get one of those old pocket pussies that your friend, Dave, showed you, but Dave always was a bit of an idiot. All the toys for men you’ve seen at adult stores were novelty items at best, right? Well, that’s all changing quickly and here is why.

Vorze has developed a wireless interactive device that is lined with an amazing texture and is capable of providing a wide variety of suction and stimulations with every squeeze. It also comes with interactive videos exclusively made to be used with your Vorze so that the device syncs up with exactly the same sexual antics you see on your screen in real time!

She creates and controls the experiences you have with her, and you can choose from dozens of daring starlets who are ready to please you as if they were right in the room with you the whole time! The videos that come with the product are so realistic, that you will feel as if there’s no distance between you and your virtual lover. Vorze also keeps your secrets better than any girlfriend ever could, because the device is silent. Imagine that, a lover that gives you the best sex of your life AND never says a word!

See why so many people are picking up a Vorze these days and why the advantage women have had over sex toys is finally becoming a thing of the past… for good!